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  • The Lillingstone Trust

We are a passionate education charity based in Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, operating since 2013.

The Lillingstone Trust was inspired by our chairman’s own experience of the opportunities presented to him, being the first in his family to enter higher education. He wishes to inspire pupils from modest backgrounds to take their own opportunity to make the best use of their ability. He considers science to be the most important factor in the nation’s future and is keen to bring its enjoyment and understanding to the whole community.

Our goal is to support talented young adults from low income backgrounds to get in to and progress through higher education. We fund scholarships for multiple universities each year and we’re open to new applicants. Since 2013, we have awarded 60 scholarships to students from 7 different local schools.

The Trust has also supported local schools to develop their science facilities and their teaching/lecturing for the benefit of both their students and the wider community, so that the widest possible number of people  can access and enjoy science.

We have a special interest in promoting science education to all ages.

Since 2013,we have funded capital projects totalling £114,552 and community projects totalling £122,883

We sponsored the Lillingstone Trust Community Laboratory and the Mind and Body Zone in the Sports Campus as well as supporting the work of the outreach teams at the Royal Latin School, Buckingham. Attend one of the exciting lectures by clicking on the button below.

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